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Jobs: Risk Management Consultant, Afghanistan

This is interesting. From the sounds of it, TigerSwan is looking to snag an RMC contract. If you go to the APPF website (yes, that group), it requires companies to have risk management consultants or RMCs to work as liaisons between the company and the APPF.

I am not the recruiter for this job and if you want to apply, please follow the links provided below. By the way, this job will only fly if TigerSwan gets the contract. But it helps to get your resume in now if in fact they do win it. If anyone from TigerSwan would like to comment on this position, please do so in the comments. –Matt


City: Herat
Country: Afghanistan
Date Opened: 07/29/13
Employment Type: Contract
Days Hours:
DAILYRATE RANGE: $338 – $550
Provide individualized and collective consultation to clients regarding:
• Personal Security, Individual Security Measures
• Situational Awareness
• Threat and Risk Mitigation
• Mission Planning
• Mobile Security Management
• Mobile Support Site construction and placement
• Sub Contract Guard Services Management
• In Transit Security – Convoy Planning and Control
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Ability to adhere to the requirements of Afghan Law and Regulation
Ability to receive arming authorization under current Department of Defense and CENTCOM regulations
Ability to adhere to The Lautenberg Amendment to the Gun Control Act which makes it a felony for those convicted of crimes of domestic violence to ship, transport, possess, or receive firearms or ammunition.

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Jobs: P.S.D. Team Leader And Security Guard Force Site Manager, Iraq

     More opportunities for qualified guys in Iraq.  For these jobs, you will need to sign up on TSI’s Talent Network.  They did provide a contact email for a recruiter below.  Also read the instructions below about what they are looking for (no former Xe guys).

     I am not the POC or recruiter for this and please follow the links below if you would like to apply.  Good luck. –Matt



PSD Team Leader

Position Type:  Full-time Employee

Location:  Iraq

Pay Range:  Approximately $139,937

Summary:  TigerSwan’s PSD Team Leaders are responsible for mission planning and operational oversight during PSD operations throughout Iraq.


· Must be a US citizen

· Must possess DoD Secret clearance

· 3-5 yrs experience in the security arena

· Must have military or security experience in Iraq

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Jobs: Security Guard Force -Site Manager, OCONUS

   This is a good move on TigerSwan’s part, if they plan on expanding in the future.  I hope to see more shooter related jobs come out of this company as well.  Anyway, definitely sign up with their Talent Network and get on board.

   As a disclosure, I do not work for these folks so I really can’t give a full endorsement. Here is a training video that they put out, and this will give you a good intro to the training side of the company.  I am not the POC or recruiter either, so follow the links below to sign up. Good luck. –Matt


TigerSwan Talent Network

Employment Opportunities with TSI

 Join our Talent Network and be the first to know about future opportunities at TigerSwan

  You will be considered for our Current AND Future Jobs & Opportunities

No Need to Apply multiple times with us

Your Skills, Experience, Preferences AND Personality are matched to our positions

Receive email Alerts when there is a new job or opportunity that matches your Profile

You can search jobs & opportunities, express interest, and even leave us comments

 As we continue to expand our services to the US Government and other clients, we are looking for top notch professionals with expertise in a variety of fields who are interested in becoming part of the TigerSwan team.TigerSwan is an equal opportunity employer. Applicants receive consideration without regard to race, age, ethnicity, religion, gender, national origin, disability or any other basis prohibited by law. TigerSwan is a service disabled veteran owned small business and is accepting applications for the following positions:

Security Guard Force -Site Manager

Job Description

·Reports to the In-Country Program Manager

·Manage a large Third Country National (TCN) guard force

·Responsible for overall task order performance

·Makes and carries out management decisions, with regards to in-scope task order performance requirements

·Ensures guard force are familiar with and understand directives from the US Military, Rules of Force and Rules of Engagement

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Industry Talk: TigerSwan Awarded U.S. DoD Iraq Security Contract

   TigerSwan is doing this the smart way. Getting in with local Iraqi security companies and also providing linguists for projects is the way to go, as we slowly transition out of Iraq.  And this company has all the goods to make this contract work because they are all former CAG guys. So businesses should feel at least somewhat comfortable that they have some competent folks in charge.

     Definitely sign up for their news letter and check their career page every now and then, because I am sure we will see more security related jobs pop up in the future. Especially if Iraq plans on capitalizing on their oil fields and increasing their output big time. –Matt 


TigerSwan Awarded US Dept of Defense Iraq Security Contract


March 2, 2010

TigerSwan announced today it has been awarded the contract for Personal Security Detail Services in support of the Task Force for Business and Stability Operations (TFBSO) in Iraq.The Task Force for Business and Stability Operations (TFBSO) is focused on economic stabilization of Iraq, with foreign direct investment, banking and financial systems, industrial capacity revitalization to corporate development, procurement assistance and budget execution, agriculture revitalization, and communications infrastructure. TFBSO also emphasizes the ability of bi-lateral operations between US and Iraq companies. The TFBSO was established in June 2006 to aid in the revitalization and stabilization of Iraq’s economy and to create jobs for the Iraqi people. Since that time, the organization has deployed more than 400 business leaders, engineers, subject-matter experts and accountants to work in partnership with Iraqi business and engineering professionals in every province of the country.Under terms of the $12 million contract, TigerSwan will provide all resources to support the contract, including an experienced multi-disciplined, project management team to ensure the security and safety of TFBSO personnel and sponsored visitors operating throughout all regions of Iraq; experienced, multi-cultured security personnel; analytical intelligence support; and logistics support to include multiple self-sustaining life support camps.

TigerSwan CEO James Reese praised TFBSO for its success in facilitating business Read the rest of this entry »

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Training: Tigerswan Inc. Plans Shooting Ranges

   This is great news if they can get this going.  That would be awesome to see these guys expand their training facilities so they can offer more classes.  Although I wouldn’t mind seeing them put up a facility out west. I realize thought that it pays to be near the action.

   Also, I don’t work for these guys or instruct for them, and this article is totally being posted for information’s sake. I promote all sorts of training companies. I like it all. –Matt


Tigerswan Inc. plans shooting ranges

By Francis X. Gilpin

Fri Dec 04, 2009

An Apex-based military training contractor plans five shooting ranges on 50 acres of rural Cumberland County farmland. Some neighborhood landowners have expressed concern about the proximity to their property.

The bullets could start flying as soon as next month, TigerSwan Inc. President Brian J. Searcy told Cedar Creek area landowners this week.

The proposed site is part of an 1,800-acre agricultural spread that Southern Produce Distributors Inc. nearly sold two years ago for more than $5 million to the military contractor formerly known as Blackwater Worldwide.

The sale was derailed after Moyock-based Blackwater, now called Xe Services LLC, came under criticism for defense-related work in Iraq and Afghanistan, TigerSwan Chief Executive James P. Reese told the property owners.

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Jobs: Security Professionals with Foreign Language Capability

Not a lot of info on this one, but the job is being offered by the crew over at TigerSwan.  You will have to email Brian to find out more.  -Head Jundi 



Security Professionals with Foreign Language Capability

We’re looking for top notch professionals with impeccable security credentials and the ability to operate in/speak a foreign language.

Languages include: Thai, Russian, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese

Interested individuals can contact Brian Searcy at

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