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Cool Stuff: Damien’s War And The International Anti Poaching Foundation

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Military News: In Memory Of Ron Reid-Daly, Founder Of The Rhodesian Selous Scouts

      I had posted this on the Facebook Page for FJ and I wanted to put this on the blog as part of the archives.  Ron Reid-Daly and his Selous Scouts have been very influential to the thinking here at the blog, and I will always regret the fact that I was never able to meet the man.

     One thing is for sure though, and that is his work and the accomplishments of the Selous Scouts will live on in military history books, and future discussions about modern warfare. I am constantly going back to the concepts of pseudo operations developed by this famous military unit as an element that is missing in today’s wars. That, and their version of light infantry and what being a ‘military scout’ really means continues to impress me to this day. Rest in peace to a warrior that did well. –Matt


Ron Reid-Daly

22nd September 1928 – 9th August 2010

This memorial website was created in the memory of Ronald Reid-Daly, born in Rhodesia, Salisbury on the 22nd September 1928 and passed away on the 9th August 2010, 81 years of age.


Full Name: Ronald Reid-Daly

Born: 22nd September 1928

Passed Away: 9th August 2010

Age: 81 years of age

Country: South Africa

Birth Place: Rhodesia, Salisbury

Colonel Ronald “Ron” Francis Reid-Daly  founded and commanded the elite Selous Scouts special forces unit that fought during the Rhodesian Bush War

Born in South Africa, Reid-Daly entered military service in 1951 and served with the C (Rhodesia) Squadron of the British Special Air Service (SAS) in operations against insurgents in Malaya. Rising to the rank of Regimental Sergeant Major in the Rhodesian Light Infantry, he was later commissioned and achieved the rank of Captain. He retired from the Army in 1973.

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News: Asian Security Contractors in Zimbabwe

 I got this from strategy page, and thought that this was interesting.  You never hear too much about Chinese security contractors, and especially in Africa.  I think you will see more and more of this, just as long as China has natural resource interests there.  They are also active in the Sudan.  -Head Jundi


Asian Mercenaries in Zimbabwe

April 24, 2008: Concurrent with China’s latest shipments of arms and munitions to Zimbabwe (see ), two dozen uniformed and armed Chinese soldiers were seen patrolling the streets of the eastern border town of Mutare, with Zimbabwean troops, during a strike by Mugabe’s political opposition. The Chinese Embassy denied that there were any Chinese troops in the area, but suggested that local Chinese-owned companies hired contractors to protect their interests. Over the last few years, thousands of Chinese have moved to Zimbabwe, where they have become active in retailing, manufacturing, mining and farming. They have a lot to protect and apparently have formed a militia. Read the rest of this entry »

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