I am pretty sure that the only groups allowed to bid on this, will be Australian companies.  I could be wrong, but that is usually the case for stuff like this.  So this will be interesting to see who gets the contract and hopefully I will be able to get the job ad up for my Australian readership.

   By the way, it is always funny to see reporters attempt to inject their personal bias into the body of their work.  Calling private security guards at this embassy a bunch of mercenaries, is like calling a hair stylist a prostitute. lol (No offense to hair stylists, and no offense to private security officers….) –Matt


Mercenaries to guard embassy


13 May, 2010

International mercenaries will take over security of Australia’s embassy in Baghdad as Australia’s residual military commitment in Iraq is wound down over the next two to three years.

Tuesday’s federal budget included the provision of $61.6 million over three years to continue security measures for the Australian embassy and staff in Baghdad $33 million is allocated to be spent in 2010-11 and $26.8 million in the following year.

According to budget papers the funding ”will enable the transition of responsibility for key elements of security from the Australian Defence Force to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade” which will contract a private military company to provide security for the Australian embassy in Baghdad.

Working under Operation Kruger, about 65 defence force personnel provide security and support for the Australian embassy and its staff in Iraq.

Transition to a contracted security arrangement would potentially deliver significant cost savings for the Federal Government.

Last week, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade advertised for expressions of interest from private military firms for the provision of ”static security, security management and protected mobility security services” for the embassy.

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