I wanted to bring attention to this specific trade group, just because groups like this are great resources for guys looking for companies to work for. If you go to SAMI’s membership directory, you will see a number of companies that have signed on. Which is great, because at least if you get a job with that particular company who is a member, you can use the association as a means of keeping that company in check.

But like with the ISOA, if SAMI does nothing about complaints or does not have the courage to punish members, then what good is the association? It’s value in my opinion, is it’s ability to keep it’s members in check and keep them on the path of ‘doing the right thing’. Companies who treat their contractors poorly, or rip off clients, and who are members of these associations, in turn tarnish the reputation of those associations and the members that have signed on to such a group. So to me, it is ridiculous that an association ‘would not’ punish a member or expel them from the group, if they violated the codes that they and everyone signed onto.

The other problem with associations is that when a member pays good money to be a member of the group, and the officers and operations of that trade group depend upon those membership dues, then it becomes very difficult for these guys to punish members who do bad things. It’s like biting the hand that feeds you, and it is this financial component that works against the strength of an association–if they claim to abide by some standard or code of conduct. Of course an association needs operating funds to keep working on behalf of the association, but you can see the potential conflict of interest here?

Overall, I appreciate the efforts of these associations, because it gives the various clients out there another tool for their research. It also gives companies that believe in a certain standard, to gather and show their support for such a standard. These associations are also key to organizing industry, so that it can effectively communicate consensus. You can have a thousand chaotic and disjointed voices screaming for attention, or you can have one clear and concise voice backed by a thousand people.

But, I should also remind these associations that if you fail to listen and act on the concerns or complaints of clients, the public or the contractors that work for these member companies, then what good is your association? –Matt

Link to association here. (the website is under construction, and it is listed in my associations category for future reference)


The Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI) provides an independent regulatory trade association for maritime security companies.
Providing credibility, trust and respect, SAMI introduces a level of regulatory discipline and scrutiny to ensure that the maritime industry can easily identify reputable maritime security companies. SAMI provides reassurance and guidance, where none has existed before and establishes the benchmark for standards within the industry.
SAMI as a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO), represents the industry at an international level in a balanced and cogent manner with transparency, honesty and integrity.
The membership encompasses maritime security providers, consultants, trainers, individual operatives and the maritime security equipment, technology and hardware manufacturers – to provide direct links to the commercial shipping industry, offshore oil & gas industry and ports too.

The key benefits of being a member of SAMI are as follows:• SAMI will represent the industry with the International Shipping Associations.• SAMI will represent the industry at EUNAVFOR.• SAMI will represent the industry at meetings with Lloyd’s Market Association.• SAMI will be discussed at the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC89) at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in May 2011 as the maritime security industry association and authority.• SAMI will represent the industry at the drafting of the Maritime Annex to the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Provider (ICoC).• 25% reduction on advertising on the Maritime Security Review media platform for all members of SAMI. As a member of SAMI your company will be recognised as a company that upholds the highest standards within the maritime security industry which will effectively mean that a recognised level of due diligence has been conducted and that your company can be held accountable for its actions.• As a member of SAMI your company logo will be displayed on the Maritime Security Review website (linked to your company website if you wish) under the SAMI tab.
SAMI Working Groups will formulate the development of : • Standardised Maritime Security Engagement Contract and will incorporate Rules for the Use of Armed Force accepted by the largest flag states. • Formulate the entry requirements for SAMI, compliance requirements and the terms and conditions under which this will be conducted.• Review standards of practice and training requirements for SAMI.• SAMI involvement in the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry.• SAMI involvement in the Port Facilities Industry.
At this stage the vetting requirements for SAMI have not been formalised and therefore we consider that if your company has or is in the process of signing the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers (ICoC) then an application to join SAMI can be submitted.
With the arrival of SAMI comes an opportunity to support a fully independent practical regulatory structure, representing the industry fairly and effectively in the international maritime arena.  So join us and get involved in shaping the maritime security industry for a quality driven, results focused and sustainable future.
Contact Peter Cook info@seasecurity.org or 0207 788 9505 to find out more about the organisation, membership criteria and the subscription structure.