Part of the trick with keeping up with contracts in this industry is to use resources that consolidate and make it easy to keep up.  So with this post, I wanted to give a heads up to those who like to track this stuff. DoD keeps a pretty good record that is easy to read and keep track of.  Although they do not have a RSS feed for these reports specifically, you can still bookmark it and check it out. It would even be cool if they put these out on Twitter as they were awarded? Anyway, you can sign up with their email subscription and have this stuff sent to your inbox.

So why is this a job tip?  Well if you are keen on a specific program that you have worked on in the past, and are waiting on whatever company is going to be awarded that contract, then it pays to follow this stuff. As soon as you find out who won these contracts, you can instantly contact a recruiter and ask to be put on their roster for that contract. Or you can just follow their vacancies and stand by for the job announcement.

The other great thing about this is that you can forward this information on to other contractors that you know are interested in a particular program, and hook them up with some good info. Who knows, the guy you help out now could be the PM that hires you for a gig in the future. That is the power of networking. –Matt


U.S. Department of Defense
Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs)
Media contact: +1 (703) 697-5131
Contracts valued at $5 million or more are announced each business day at 5 p.m. Contract announcements issued within the past 30 days are listed below. Older contract announcements are available from the contract archive page. Contract announcements are also available by e-mail subscription. Go to DOD News for more information and for links to other news items.
Link to contracts website here.