Wow, this is unexpected?  It is also cool to see Ridley Scott do another Africa/conflict type film. Blackhawk Down was an outstanding war film, and Scott really hit the mark with that one

The other story about this, according to Mann’s twitter, is that he is talking with folks about doing a first person shooter game! Erik Prince has some competition in the gaming world I see? lol  Although I do not know if the game will be part of this movie, but even if it isn’t, it will still benefit from a movie.

Also, I kind of think that Gerard is not exactly the best choice of casting for Simon Mann. He doesn’t look like him, or even talk like him. But Gerard brings the star power, as does Ridley Scott, and I am sure Mann’s book fired up the imagination of both guys.  The question is, can a studio sell a mercenary film about a failed coup attempt?

The other question I have is if Ridley Scott and the writers will listen to what others might have to say about Mann and his book?  Because I am sure there are folks out there who disagree with what was said in the book, and would be very interested in making sure that all sides of this thing are fairly represented. It would also make for a more interesting movie if it had all of those perspectives. Who knows, and chalk up another film that we will track. –Matt

Edit: 11/18/2011– Simon Mann just confirmed in a tweet that the video game is part of the movie deal.


Ridley Scott and Gerard Butler Team Up for Fact-Based Mercenary Pic

by Dave Trumbore
November 17th, 2011
Although director Ridley Scott is currently busy with the production of Alien-pseudo-prequel, Prometheus, that doesn’t stop him from taking on new projects. Especially when that project stars Gerard Butler (300) as a former British Army officer who puts together a group of mercenaries to attempt a coup against an African nation’s government. Scott is attached to direct and produce the thriller based on the real-life exploits of Simon Mann. The script, written by Robert Edwards (The Bomb in My Garden) will follow Mann through the failed coup, his imprisonment and eventual pardoning.

News of Scott and Butler’s new project comes via Deadline. Butler wants to portray Mann in his planned coup against Equatorial Guinea’s President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo in 2004. Backers such as Mark Thatcher, the son of Margaret Thatcher, disavowed any involvement after the failed coup when Mann’s plane was seized by security forces. The attempt was thwarted in Zimbabwe where his group had arranged to pick up a weapons cache. There, Mann spent five rough years in prison before being taken to Equatorial Guinea to serve a 34-year sentence. Receiving a presidential pardon in 2009, Mann was finally extradited. Mann and his wife Amanda have been touring studios along with Edwards in the hopes of sealing the deal.
Co-producing with Scott are Giannina Facio and Alan Siegel. Scott and Facio are currently developing a biopic of Gertrude Bell, a Middle East pioneer. Angelina Jolie is attached. The pair is also developing Gucci, focusing on the murder-plot between Maurizio Gucci and his ex-wife Patrizia Reggiani, who is currently serving a 26-year sentence. Natalie Portman has been mentioned for the role.
Story here.