Here are the results from our fourth annual State of Overseas Contracting Industry Survey. This year 857 people took the survey which consisted of 9 questions and a final option to offer advice to other contractors. I will be releasing the Advice from Contractors section a bit later after I have finished editing it.

William does a great job of putting together this survey every year and they are pretty interesting. Of course DZJ focuses on the entire industry of overseas contracting and not just the gun carrying security contractors. So if there are more contractors than military in places like Afghanistan, then this is a cool little snapshot of what this group looks like.

Probably the most interesting statistic to me was the graph that showed the amount of military veterans versus just civilians in this industry, and that civilians are the top. If you would like to see the other graphs, please go over to their website through the provided link and check it out. –Matt

Link to survey here.