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War Art: ‘Shooters’, By Eric Trautmann, Brandon Jerwa, And Steve Lieber

I just came across the news of this comic or ‘graphic novel’, and this sounds cool. From the sound of it, these guys have really tried to produce a quality and detailed product, and the creators definitely have an interesting background.  One of them was Eric Trautmann.

Eric was a writer for Microsoft and helped put together the story lines and dialogue for some famous video games. Here is a quote from his bio.

Among the titles that Eric helped develop were the smash-hit HALO: Combat Evolved (including editing chores on the first three HALO novels for Ballantine / Del Rey, as well as writing The Art of HALO, also for Del Rey); Crimson Skies(creating a strongly immersive in-universe website for the pulpy, two-fisted adventure setting; editing weekly serialized online pulp novellas; and editing and contributing to Del Rey’s mass-market paperback fiction anthology based on the setting); MechWarrior 4; and Perfect Dark Zero, acting as a story consultant to the property and helping to develop a fiction publishing program in support of the game.

He has also written some pretty cool comics and he is a well known author in that community.

What is most significant is that he has a personal connection to this comic and industry via his brother in law and security contractor getting killed in Iraq back in 2005. According to recent reviews, this comic is doing quite well and the author’s passion and personal connection to the subject is coming through in the artwork and words.

I have yet to read a copy, but I figured I would put it out there for folks to check out if they are at their local comic book store or online. You can find this comic for sale in the Jundi Gear store as well. –Matt


By Eric Trautmann, Brandon Jerwa, and Steve Lieber
Shooters is an original graphic novel, published by DC Comics’ imprint, Vertigo (home of such acclaimed graphic novels as Preacher, Transmetropolitan, Sandman, The Road to Perdition and many others).
The book follows the career of Terry Glass — a Chief Warrant Officer in the United States Army, and a well-trained Special Forces operator — during the early days of America’s post-9/11 military actions in Iraq.
While in Iraq, Glass’ faces the creeping boredom of the infantryman, the adrenaline-charged terror of direct confrontation with the enemy, and finally, a shattering accident that leaves him both physically and emotionally scarred.
And that is merely the starting point of Glass’ journey.
There’s more than IEDs, enemy insurgents, and bullets to face. Recovering from terrible injuries, Glass faces his own private demons, the ruins of his marriage, and the moral uncertainties of life as a private military contractor.
From the official Shooters website.
iFanboy podcast
DON’T MISS: Shooters with Eric Trautmann, Brandon Jerwa and Steve
Download and listen here.
Iraq War story hits close to home
Christian Hill
April 17, 2012
Tragedy turned comic book writer Eric Trautmann’s fledging story about a private military contractor personal in September 2005.
His brother-in-law, David Shephard, was working for Blackwater USA when he died in Iraq while protecting a State Department official on a security detail.
Shephard’s memory lives on in the 144 pages of “Shooters,” a black-and-white graphic novel that Trautmann co-wrote as “his counterfire against unnuanced portrayals of warfare” related to soldiers and contractors.
The story’s main character is based in part on Shephard, a former Lacey resident, as well as other soldiers Trautmann has met. Portions of the story set in 2003-04 take place at Fort Lewis.
The story centers on a former soldier who returns to Iraq as a contractor as he tries to cope with a traumatic experience during his Army deployment. It revolves around themes of duty and redemption while exploring current issues for an Army strained by two ground wars: post-traumatic stress disorder, a soldier’s adjustment into civilian life and problems at home.
Trautmann, 40, began writing the story as a traditional novel before Shephard’s death. It was his effort to reconcile what he considered the media’s portrayal of military contractors as out-of-control guns for hire with his brother-in-law and other contractors he met who were committed to improving Iraq and the lives of its people.
“War shouldn’t be black and white,” he said. “War is gray, and I wanted the book to be gray and maybe make people think a little bit before automatically assuming that’s a good guy, that’s a bad guy, because the world is too sophisticated and complicated.”

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War Art: ‘New Job’, By LMS Defense–The Comics

Another great comic strip from LMS Defense and Righteous Duke Designs! Follow the LMS link or click on the image if you want a bigger picture of the comic. –Matt

LMS Defense link here.

Righteous Duke Designs here.


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War Art: ‘That Guy (Part Deux)’, From LMS Defense-The Comics

That Guy LMS Defense

‘That Guy (Part Deux)’ by LMS Defense- The Comics.  Artwork by Righteous Duke.

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War Art: ‘That Guy’, From LMS Defense-The Comics

That Guy

That Guy’ by LMS Defense- The Comics.  Artwork by Righteous Duke.

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War Art: ’Modern SWAT’, From LMS Defense-The Comics

 Modern SWAT

‘Modern SWAT’ by LMS Defense- The Comics.  Artwork by Righteous Duke.  Recently showcased on Wired’s Danger Room blog here.

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War Art: ’Not Responsible’, From LMS Defense-The Comics

Not Responsible.‘ From LMS Defense-The Comics and Righteous Duke Designs.

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