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Legal News: GardaWorld’s Daniel Ménard Thrown In Afghan Jail

This is an interesting one that just popped up on my radar. I found it yesterday and posted it on Facebook, and I received multiple viewpoints on what is going on. Everything from it is all GardaWorld’s fault and Ménard is incompetent, to Gardaworld and Ménard is yet another victim of the Afghan legal system and corrupt officials.

For this deal, I was instantly reminded by the readership, as well as personally recalling all of Afghanistan’s past legal shenanigans.  Doug mentioned the Bill Shaw story where he was thrown in an Afghan jail on false bribery charges. Trevor mentioned the other GardaWorld story of some contractors that got arrested because they had 30 AK’s on them. Funny that, contractors with guns in a war zone? Of course this story was related to the APPF scheme of seizing the weapons of companies–without paying those companies for said weapons.

Another story mentioned was the arrest of Michael Hearn of Global Strategies Group for not registering their weapons. Those weapons according to the company, were parts guns that were not serviceable, used to repair other AKs.  I am sure there are other incidents that I am forgetting, but you get the idea. Kimberly Motley could probably add something to this conversation because of her extensive dealings with the Afghan legal system.

Some other stories of contractors wrongly thrown in Afghan jails include guys like Phillip Young, who thanks to Kimberly’s work, was set free. Another guy I have written about in the past was Robert Langdon, whom is still rotting away in prison.

The other interesting point on this story is Ménard’s  background. Michael Yon was highly critical of this leader back when he was a general in the Canadian Arm Forces posted in Afghanistan.  But even Michael’s current tone is one of being skeptical as to why he is in an Afghan jail.

I imagine the way this will work out is that he will stay in prison until the company or his family pays the fine. Hopefully he doesn’t stay in prison as long as Bill Shaw. Bill spent two years at Pul-e-Charkhi prison and was fined £16,185! Kimberly was also hot on this case and was instrumental in getting him released. –Matt

Edit: 02/19/2014- Daniel was released from detention. Story here.




Former Brigadier-General Daniel Ménard, the former head of Canadian forces in Afghanistan who now works for private security firm GardaWorld, was detained there since about Jan. 12.
By Allan Woods
Jan 29 2014
Former Canadian brigadier-general Daniel Ménard, who was fined and demoted for having a sexual relationship with a female subordinate, has been sitting in an Afghan jail for nearly three weeks, the Toronto Star has learned.
The former head of Canadian forces in the country, who now works for private security firm GardaWorld, was detained on or about Jan. 12. He was picked up by local authorities after leaving a meeting with Afghan government officials to discuss issues related to the development of Afghan security forces, Joe Gavaghan, a spokesman for the company, said in an interview Wednesday.
“He was leaving a meeting at the ministry office and a couple of officials approached him. They said, ‘We’ve got a problem with something and we’d like you to come with us to clear it up.’ Off he went and the next thing he knew he was going to be detained until they cleared it up.”
Ménard has not been charged with breaking any laws, Gavaghan said, adding the incident is based on an “administrative misunderstanding” related to its licence to operate in Afghanistan as a private security firm.
Gavaghan said the former commander of the 5 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group, based out of CFB Valcartier, appeared in a Kabul court Wednesday.
“This involves some kind of administrative issue with our operating licence. It was kind of a technicality. It’s been cleared up and we believe that the individual is going to be released very shortly,” Gavaghan said.
“Right now we’re just trying to do everything we can to make sure there’s no further complications or anything that would delay that.”

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Cool Stuff: GPal, Inc.

     I like it!  GPal or Gun Pal is an alternative online payment system that you can use to purchase anything ‘legal’.  So if you want to buy a firearm from someone using GPal, you can do that and your account will not be frozen.  With the other online payment groups, they are not at all gun or ammo friendly, so GPal is definitely a gun friendly alternative. (for US folks)

     The other important tidbit to mention here, is that you don’t have to use it for firearms or ammunition.  You can use it just like you use Paypal, to buy all types of things or services ‘that are legal’.  As you can see with the name change, they had to make it less specific of a title to symbolize it’s utility. Customers might get the impression that it is purely for gun or ammo purchases, and that is not the case.

     Good move and I hope it takes off. I would be curious if any of the readers have signed up for GPal and what their thoughts were about the service? –Matt

Facebook for GPal here.


HEALDSBURG, CA – May 13, 2010 (For Immediate Release)

GUNPAL, the leader in transaction-neutral online payment processing, is now operating as GPal, Inc. at the website

In order to appeal to a broader market and offer superior products and services, we are reorganizing under GPal, Inc. Our users will find familiar functionality and feel, secured by our Verisign EV SSL Certificate, the strongest in the world.

Only the name is evolving to better serve our user base and provide a growth path for expansion. All buttons, links and banners will continue to work but will be redirected to Thank you for your support thus far in providing a transaction-neutral payment service.

Sincerely, Ben Cannon


GPal, Inc.

About GPal:

GPal is an online payments and money transfer service that allows you to send money to anyone with an email address in a transaction-neutral environment. GPal has revolutionized the transfer of money in heavily regulated industries and deals with fraud in a unique and very successful way. Accounts at GPal are FDIC insured. The company is expected to expand its offerings internationally in the near future. For more information please visit or contact


HEALDSBURG, CA – October 29, 2009 (For Immediate Release)

“GUNPAL, Inc. is a transaction-neutral online payments platform with a philanthropic spirit,” announces Founder/CEO Ben Cannon. “It is also the first serious competitor for PayPal Inc.”

A percentage of each transaction is donated to a selected charity at no additional cost to the user. The initial list of organizations includes the American Red Cross, American Cancer Society, and the Supercomputing Disease Research Center. Users can also suggest charities for consideration.

An avid supporter of constitutional rights, Cannon created a discrimination-free online payments application, starting with the recognition of the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Prohibited by PayPal’s “Acceptable Use Policy”, the $3 billion firearms and accessories industry has adopted GUNPAL as the payments platform of choice. “Firearms can only be sold by licensed dealers. GUNPAL is more convenient than other forms of payment as its comprehensive transaction tracking system is secure and reliable for our audits,” says Mitchel Chapman of, a licensed firearms dealer.

An estimated one hundred million firearm owners nationwide now have a platform with which they can trade ammunition, scopes, and other accessories securely and hassle-free. As a socially responsible company, GUNPAL directs its firearm buyers to government documentation on current firearm laws and regulations and will provide licensed dealer listings by buyers’ zip codes in a future release. Having dominated the firearms niche, GUNPAL is already targeting other under-served markets with several new projects under way.

With every line of code written in-house, most of the engineering effort has been dedicated to fraud prevention. GUNPAL’s unique anti-fraud and anti-phishing systems take a finer-toothed comb through customer data for maximum privacy and security. Reduced fraud cuts operating costs resulting in lower fees for most common transactions as compared to PAYPAL. Cannon’s first company, GeoVario, LLC, was the natural choice for web-hosting services.

Founded in 2004, GUNPAL is a transaction-neutral online payment system that allows easy transfer of funds to anyone with an email address. Privately funded, GUNPAL has revolutionized the transfer of money with its pro-constitutional voice, unique anti-fraud approach, and philanthropic spirit. The company is expected to expand its services internationally in the near future.

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Call To Action: The Great Guns and Coffee Movement Of 2010

   Now this is funny.  The goal here is to create a counter movement to the anti-gun lobby and the latest Brady* move about forcing Starbucks to kick out gun carrying customers that frequent their shops.  Hopefully this movement will force Starbucks to take a courageous stand in support of the Second Amendment, and not cave into these dorks.

   Also, if you want to show your support for the movement, put the Avatar up on your forum or social network page if you want, or sign the petition below.  Super simple, and super fun. It is also free.  You can also purchase a morale patch or t-shirt from some of the various vendors that will be offering those things in the near future. Stand by for that.

   The other angle on this movement, is that the logo for the anti-gun lobby was designed to bring in anti-gun supporters for the movement.  In my opinion, the logo they created will do the exact opposite. As you can see below, several folks have already modified and played around with the thing. lol  I envision morale patches and t-shirts being made that are all modified to show their support for Guns and Coffee pro-gun movement.  We will see, and this will be a fun little movement if we can get it moving.  Thanks to the folks at Lightfighter and ITS for bringing this to the limelight. –Matt

*I do not link to the anti-gun lobby, or post any of their drivel because that only helps them. Follow the links below or use a Google Search to find out more if you want.  My intention is to promote the Second Amendment here. 

Edit: 3/6/2010 -You can now buy the patches here.  They look pretty sharp as well.


Sign petition here.

Facebook page for group here.

Discussion about the topic here at Lightfighter.

Discussion about Guns and Coffee here at ITS blog.

Discussion about making and ordering patches here.

Avatar for Guns and Coffee:


Avatar for G and C


Full size for Guns and Coffee here.


Guns and Coffee


Full size happy Guns and Coffee here.


Happy G and C



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Weapons Stuff: New Groups Mobilize As Indians Embrace The Right To Bear Arms

“I feel safe wearing it in my ankle holster every day,” said Verma, 27, who runs a family business selling fire-protection systems. “I have a right to self-protection, because random street crime and terrorism have increased. The police cannot be there for everybody all the time. Now I am a believer in the right to keep and bear arms.”    


   This is great news, and I certainly hope that Indian gun owners are able to keep up the fight and secure their rights.  The best part of the article though, was that little quote I put up top.  The outcome of the Mumbai attack is that the police or military ‘cannot be there for everybody all the time’. Governments instead should be empowering their citizens to not only protect themselves, but actively help pass down information that leads to the arrest and capture of criminals and terrorists.  To not just roll over on the ground and pee on themselves in the face of danger, and to stand up to these criminals and terrorists.

   Of course the police and military needs to continue to do all they can to defend the country, as they should, but the state definitely should not get hung up on this monopoly on the application of the use of force they think they are supposed to have.  Plus, having an armed citizenry will only enhance the defense of a country and keep their leaders in check. –Matt


New groups mobilize as Indians embrace the right to bear arms

By Rama LakshmiMonday, February 1, 2010

In the land of Mahatma Gandhi, Indian gun owners are coming out of the shadows for the first time to mobilize, U.S.-style, against proposed new curbs on bearing arms.

When gunmen attacked 10 sites in Mumbai in November 2008, including two five-star hotels and a train station, Mumbai resident Kumar Verma sat at home glued to the television, feeling outraged and unsafe.

Before the end of December, Verma and his friends had applied for gun licenses. He read up on India’s gun laws and joined the Web forum Indians for Guns. When he got his license seven months later, he bought a black, secondhand, snub-nose Smith & Wesson revolver with a walnut grip.

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