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Job Tips: Using RSS Readers For Job Hunting

When it comes to looking for security contracting jobs, you need all the help you can get for staying up to date with what jobs are out there. You also need to be able to react quickly to job announcements. So any tools and procedures that can help you do that, should definitely be used for your job search strategy.

Now of course there are the basic methods that most guys use, like perusing the forums/FB groups, signing up for job list subscriptions, asking around within their networks (personal and online), and checking out the various job boards/career pages and sites. But when it comes to doing a search efficiently and with speed, it can be kind of time consuming.

The other factor is that some job announcements operate on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis. I can recount at least two of my contracts that I got, purely  because I answered the job ad so fast. Recruiters, if presented a large pool of candidates that are generally the same, will often just go down the list as they get those submissions. And if those recruiters are on a tight schedule where they have to deploy guys ‘yesterday’, then they have no time to waste. They just go right down the list and start calling and emailing folks. So it pays to be quick on the draw when it comes finding jobs and responding to them.

So how do I make this process faster and more efficient? Well one tool I use is called an RSS reader.(Specifically one made by Feedly) RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and it is a tool that bloggers/journalists/researchers use to receive and process lots of information with. And the really cool thing about an RSS reader is that you can set them up to give you updates as they are sent out by the various blogs and sites. Meaning as soon as someone posts something, it is sent out immediately to the RSS feed, which if you have that RSS feed link in your RSS reader, then you will get that post.

How does this apply to job searches? Well, next time you are at a jobs website or a career page, look for a little graphic in the corner or somewhere on the page that says RSS. They will look like these icons.(see top graphic)

Put your cursor over it and copy it. Then paste that link into your RSS reader search engine, and when it comes up, put it in a category that is applicable. When I find a cool jobs RSS related feed or interesting website, I will put it into my Feedly RSS reader. I set my reader to update immediately.

What happens next is that every time that site posts a new job, that post is sent out to all of the RSS feeds. Meaning you will get that job posting as soon as it is posted, and you will see it in your RSS reader just waiting to be read. What is even cooler is that you can set up an RSS reader on your smart phone or tablet, and check your reader on the go.

I find myself checking my Feedly online and on my smart phone all the time. But if I do not check it and mark it as ‘read’, then it just stays in the hopper until I do read it. So if I am away for awhile or do not have access to the internet, I will still have a nice collection of materials to read at my leisure. You can keep all those posts in your reader as well and just mark them as read. I don’t delete that stuff because sometimes I will go back and re-read stuff.

You can also share those posts on social media, or do emails, thanks to the tabs included with most readers. I do this every day for blogging and social media sharing, and it is how I keep up to date with the news of the industry. It is also how I keep up to date with jobs.

Once you build an RSS reader, you will find yourself constantly looking for RSS feeds (post feeds, comments feeds, etc.) and URLs to put into the thing. Look everywhere for them, and also know that sometimes you can just put the URL for the site into the reader and it might recognize that site and it’s feeds. Play around with it and you will see what I mean. It is a fantastic tool and it will dramatically expand your ability to efficiently process the information that is out there. Here is a list of all the job boards/sites I have in my reader, complete with links to the feeds/URLs. Definitely put these guys in your reader.

Close Protection PSD Jobs

Conflict Area Management

International Security Jobs

Paladin Jobs

Secure Aspects

Security Officer Jobs-South Africa

USA Security Jobs

I personally use Feedly and it is a great reader. I also used Google’s RSS reader, but that closed down and after some research I ended up at Feedly. There are other RSS readers out there and they all do the same thing with various bells and whistles. Below I will leave a great tutorial on how to set up a Feedly account.

Enjoy and happy hunting! –Matt


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Executive Protection: So Who Does Warren Buffet Use For Security?

This is a great show on the protective details of the rich. Have you ever wondered who protects guys like Warren Buffet?

In the video they identified Clark International as the folks that Mr. Buffet uses. Pretty cool, and if the Oracle of Omaha chose them, then they must have the juice.  Buffet is the king of finding quality companies and investing in them for the long haul. According to the video, Buffet has used Clark International for several decades now. –Matt


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Jobs: Security Guard, UAE-Dubai

   Interesting headhunter company.  This graphic below pretty much spells it out on who they are working for, and this would be a good company to put in your career section bookmarks or RSS reader (they do have a RSS feed). The job itself is in Dubai–should I say anything more? Have fun trying to save your money there. lol

   I am not the POC or recruiter, and please follow the link below if you would like to apply for this job.  Good luck. –Matt


Guards Location: UAE – Dubai 

Job Code: 23

Description: Guards

Responsible for safeguarding facilities, conducting patrols, and escorting visitors as necessary.  Full benefits and compensation depending on experience and qualifications.  All individuals must be a U.S. citizens with former U.S. military or law enforcement experience, who have been honorably discharged.  All must be capable of passing a physical fitness test, health exam, background investigation, and periodic drug test.  In addition, all applicants must have a current, valid passport with at least six months remaining until renewal.  To be considered for this position, please fill out the application on this website and attach your resume with contact information.

Apply here.


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Jobs: Current Certified EMT-B’s with Tactical Experience

     Great opportunity here.  Usually you only see Blackwater and others accept EMT-I’s and above. I have no clue what contract, but I am assuming it would be for overseas assignments.  Or it could be to stock their CONUS database for training and stateside security work. –Head Jundi



Current Certified EMT-B’s with Tactical Experience


Blackwater is recruiting current certified Emergency Medical Technicians

(Basic Level) to attend an EMT-I course including follow on Protective

Security Specialist (PSS) training for qualified personnel.  Applicants must

meet all items listed below.


1.     Current in EMT-B certification (State or National Level).

2.     Three years of providing medical care in a high threat tactical environment. (SWAT medic,

Combat Medic etc.)

3.    Three years security experience in the US military, US law enforcement or private sector.

4.    One year in a protective security environment, preferably overseas.

5.    US Citizen.

6.    Currently have or are able to obtain a Secret security clearance.

7.    Current US driver’s license.


The EMT-I training is currently scheduled for mid October lasting approximately eight weeks and

the PSS training is scheduled to begin in January.


Applicants will be required to provide an electronic copy of the above required

credentials/documents, recent photo within the last six months prior to consideration for



Personnel who meet the above qualifications and are interested, please send resumes

and files to: No longer available.

Please go to this link if you are looking for work with USTC.

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